Terms and Conditions

These General Conditions of Use and Contracting (hereinafter, "the General Conditions") govern the access and use of the WEBSITE as well as the contracting of activities through the different "Sales Channels" such as telephone bookings and especially those formalised through the WEBSITE www.jetskidream.com owned by Jetskidream S.L.

All access to this WEB Site www.jetskidream.com is subject to each and every one of these General Conditions in the version published and in force at the time the User accesses www.jetskidream.com.

User registration is not compulsory, although users contracting the services provided by Jetskidream S.L. must first read and actively accept the General Conditions before using the WEBSITE, as well as the specific conditions which, where applicable, complement, modify or replace the General Conditions in relation to certain services and contents of www.jetskidream.com, given that these may have undergone modifications since the last time they accessed the WEBSITE.

The User declares that:

You are of legal age and have the legal capacity to purchase the services offered through www.jetskidream.com.

In the event of contracting by a minor, Jetskidream S.L. shall in no case be liable and the minor, parents or guardians must assume the costs that this may cause.

The use of the WEBSITE implies an agreement between the user and Jetskidream S.L., whereby the latter expressly accepts full and unreserved adherence to each and every one of the General Conditions published by Jetskidream S.L. at the very moment the User accesses this portal, especially those established on the limitation of liability of both Jetskidream S.L. and any provider of tourist or excursion services. Therefore, the User must carefully read the General Conditions each time he/she intends to use the WEBSITE, given that they may have been modified since the last time he/she accessed the WEBSITE.

Jetskidream S.L. understands that those who make use of its WEB site, booking the various activities, meet the necessary legal requirements relating to the capacity to enter into these contracts and that, in doing so, they tacitly accept to be subject to the terms and conditions specified in the following sections.


By accepting these General Conditions, the User declares:

That you have read, understand and comprehend the foregoing.

That, in the event that he/she intends to contract any product and/or service, he/she has sufficient capacity to do so.

That it assumes all obligations set forth herein.

When using the WEB www.jetskidream.com the user must always provide a name, e-mail address and telephone number.

In order to contract the different products and services offered by www.jetskidream.com as well as to receive newsletters with information about offers, you must accept the privacy policy and these general conditions, to which effect you declare that all the information provided at the time of registration is true, complete and accurate and that in accordance with the Organic Law

3/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights and the Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data EU 679/2016 of 27 April 2016 and must accept its processing.

The person who registers and/or contracts services offered on the WEBSITE expressly authorises

Jetskidream S.L. to proceed to include your data in an automated file called "CUSTOMERS" and/or in its register of activities in accordance with Article 30 of the Regulation Protection of Personal Data EU 679/2016 of 27 April 2016 the personal data contained in the fields of the form as necessary for the proper provision of its services as and whose collection is intended:

To develop services related to intermediation in the marketing of the aforementioned services. Specifically, commercial, administrative, logistical and similar management.

Verify credit cards and other types of payment cards.

Comply with the accounting, billing and auditing requirements of www.jetskidream.com.

Keep you informed of offers and promotions similar to those contracted.

In the purchase process and always before the end of the same, the User will have all the information relating to the full final price, including taxes, breaking down, where appropriate, the amount of increases or discounts that apply to the offer and the additional costs that are passed on to the User, being the User responsible for providing their data correctly, including their personal data and bank details required by the system.

All bookings made on our website are automatically recorded and archived in our system.

In addition, the system automatically sends to the client's email the information of his reservation along with his locator number and all the indications about the form of payment and sending of the documentation of his activity. You are also always given a contact telephone number to resolve any doubts or queries.

Jetskidream S.L. provides an online booking method, fast, available 24 hours and secure. Reservations will be made through the site www.jetskidream.com . Given the diversity of the activities, they may require different methods of payment or different days in advance to make the reservation according to the demand and occupancy in that activity.

The data entered by the User will be truthful and owned by the User, especially those relating to the means of payment.

Exceptionally, in the event that it is not possible to book online on the requested day,

Jetskidream S.L. will be available to customers through info@jetskidream.com which will be responsible for resolving the problem or providing other alternatives of interest. Likewise, in the event that it is not possible to make the reservation online, you can contact the number 611 421 827 through which we will try to make the reservation by telephone.

Changes to the reservation

There will be no extra cost for Clients to change the date of their booking for a different date by reliable means, provided that it is at least 48 hours before the date of the booking and that there are places available. For this modification, you may contact the activity provider Jetskidream S.L. at the following email address: info@jetskidream.com

The activity is affected by climatic circumstances (rain, state of alert, sea conditions and rescue guidelines, etc.) as well as social circumstances (demonstrations, strikes, public holidays, etc.) beyond our control, so Jetskidream S.L. may slightly modify the content of the bookings when, due to this type of unforeseeable circumstances, the activities and timetables cannot be carried out in the same way as stated in the online booking offer. In this case, the suppliers will try to provide the service in the best possible way, substituting the services that cannot be enjoyed by others of similar purpose and cost.

Cancellation of the reservation

The cancellation of the booking of the different activities offered shall be subject to this policy and general terms and conditions and to the particular conditions that may be established at the time of payment. In general, Jetskidream S.L. allows cancellation at no cost to the Client;

  • In advance of more than 14 days, including cancellation there shall be no penalty.
  • With an advance notice of between 4 days and 13 daysincluding cancellation, cancellation will incur a penalty of one  50% of the total amount of the contracted activity.
  • With an advance notice of between 2 days and 3 daysonly the following shall be allowed changes in the time of the contracted activity.
  • If the booking is cancelled within last 24 hoursshall not give any right to reimbursement of the amount paid, and 100% of the amount of the contracted activity shall be charged.

Withdrawal: you may withdraw from the contract within 14 days of its conclusion. This withdrawal is free and does not entail any penalty, and must be communicated as soon as possible.

Money refund: the money will be refunded immediately and in case of unjustified delay, the duplicate will be returned.

If any activity has a particular cancellation policy, this will be reflected in the offer, during the booking process and on the voucher or coupon of the booking.

Jetskidream S.L., may cancel the reservation at any time due to force majeure and always thinking of the safety of users, automatically returning the amount paid without the User being able to claim any other additional amount (taxi, travel to the pick-up point or the point where the activity takes place). In these cases, Jetskidream S.L. shall notify the User as soon as possible through the means of contact indicated in the reservation. It is the responsibility of the User to be reachable through these means.

Activities :

Jet Skis SEA DOO GTX PRO 130 2021

  • Route An unforgettable walk. Duration 30 minutes approximately. Distance approximately 7 miles. Low difficulty. Price 99€.
  • Route Sailing Isla Canela, Pura Vida. Duration 60 minutes approximately.
    Distance approximately 15 miles. Difficulty low/medium. Price 145 €.
  • The Guadiana River Route, from start to finish between Spain and Portugal. Duration 120 minutes approximately. Distance 40 miles approximately. Medium difficulty. Price 299€.

Flebi Bigfoot rental

  • Flebi Bigfoot Half Day Rental (4 hours) Prices: Adults 50€ Children 40€.
  • Flebi Bigfoot rental Full day (11 hours) Prices: Adults 100€ Children 70€.
  • Flebi Bigfoot Sunset Rental (2 hours) Prices: Adults 40€ Children 30€.

Fast Boat Tours

  • Tour A unique tour. Duration 30 minutes approximately. Distance approximately 7 miles. Prices: Adults 60€ Children 40€.
  • Pura vida Tour. Duration 1 hour and 15 minutes approximately. Distance approximately 15 miles. Prices: Adults 80€ Children 50€.
  • Tour Discovering the Guadiana River. Duration 2 hours and 15 minutes approximately. Distance approximately 40 miles. Prices: Adults 140€ Children 80€.
  • Sunset in the marshes tour. Duration 45 minutes approximately. Distance approximately 7 miles. Prices: Adults 60€ Children 40€.


The duration of the campaigns relating to possible offers will vary depending on the characteristics of the same and will have a specific duration and a maximum number of units available for each of them, which is why their availability may be determined by the completion of the time or the completion of the units. Each possible offer will contain the information relevant to its validity and expiration.

At the time of booking you will be charged a minimum of 50% of the activity if cancelled within the time limits given all or part of the activity will be refunded if the cancellation is subject to a penalty (please read the conditions carefully).

With card

In Jetskidream S.L. you can pay by credit or debit card through our Virtual POS managed by Banco Sabadell. Our platform integrates Redsys (Secure Electronic Purchase) which, under the international protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, provides high security and protection in payments to prevent others from using your data fraudulently.

The User who makes a purchase and wants an invoice must request it by email to the address info@jetskidream.com. This service will not entail any additional cost for the User. In the event that you wish to receive a duplicate of the same on paper, it will be issued free of charge and may be requested by sending an email under the concept of INVOICING to the address info@jetskidream.com

Jetskidream S.L. offers a wide range of leisure and sporting activities on its website which require the User to be in full physical and psychological condition. It is the responsibility of the User to inform Jetskidream S.L. of any circumstances relating to his/her health that may pose a risk to the User or third parties during the activity, and Jetskidream S.L. shall be entitled to refuse the booking. It is the responsibility of the client to locate the departure point of activities, to call or contact Jetskidream S.L. if he/she has any doubts. The User must always be punctual, and as a general rule it is advisable to be there 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time. If the User arrives late or is not at the agreed point, he/she will not be entitled to any refund of the amounts previously paid or of any possible expenses incurred.

Jetskidream S.L. shall not be liable for weather conditions or any other force majeure circumstances beyond the control of Jetskidream S.L. shall not be liable for the loss of Users' personal effects during the activities. Neither shall it be liable for any damages suffered by Users or their death in the different activities when they have acted recklessly, without due diligence, as well as disobeying the instructions and guidelines determined by the monitors of said activity. Likewise, in the case of adventure activities, the Users accept under their own responsibility when contracting these activities the possible risks that they and the minors in their custody may incur when carrying them out. Therefore, Jetskidream S.L. has subscribed civil liability insurance, as well as accident insurance for each contracted activity, being therefore its responsibility covered within the legal conditions of such contracts.

Jetskidream S.L. makes every effort to update, maintain and operate its website, offering the User this site as a tool for obtaining services, however, Jetskidream S.L. cannot guarantee the absence of technical failures, the total security of the web service, nor that it is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week at all times.

If due to force majeure (including but not limited to, as well as social, political or economic unrest, strikes or any type of instability affecting the safety of citizens in general or the User in particular), there should be deficiencies in the reservations, confirmations and/or execution of any services contracted through Jetskidream S.L., and due to situations that are not predictable or avoidable by Jetskidream S.L., or if it should be impossible to comply with some of the services agreed upon, Jetskidream S.L. shall be entitled to cancel the contract, and due to situations that are not predictable or avoidable by Jetskidream S.L. or if it were even impossible to comply with some of the agreed services, Jetskidream S.L. and/or the companies collaborating with Jetskidream S.L. shall be excluded from any indemnity obligation, in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

This WEBSITE is the property of Jetskidream S.L. The Intellectual Property rights and rights of exploitation and reproduction of this WEBSITE, its pages, screens, the information they contain, their appearance and design, as well as the links ("hyperlinks") that are established from it to other WEBSITE pages of any company advertising on the same, are the exclusive property of the latter and other advertisers in accordance with their corporate WEBSITES, unless expressly specified otherwise. Any denomination, design and/or logo, photo, as well as any product or service offered and reflected in this WEB page, are the property of Jetskidream S.L.

Any improper use of the same by persons other than their legitimate owner and without the express and unequivocal consent of the latter may be denounced and pursued through all legal means existing in the Spanish and/or Community Legal System.

The intellectual property rights and trademarks of third parties, if any, are conveniently highlighted and must be respected by all those who access this page. Jetskidream S.L. is not responsible for the use that the user may carry out in this respect, the sole responsibility falling on the user.

Jetskidream S.L. reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the contents of the WEBSITE, the links or the information obtained through it, without prior notice. Jetskidream S.L. shall in no case assume any liability whatsoever as a consequence of the incorrect use of the WEBSITE by the user, both of the information and of the services contained therein.

The audiovisual material obtained with the technical means of JetSkiDream SL and during the duration of the activity are the property of JetSkiDream SL, being able to make promotional use of such material. In the event that you do not wish to make promotional use of such graphic material specific to your contracted activity, please notify us by e-mail at info@jetskidream.com indicating your details and your booking reference number.

In the event of litigation between Jetskidream S.L. and the User, the courts of the consumer's domicile shall have jurisdiction.

Remember that you can also go to the EU's dispute resolution platform: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=ES

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