Fast Boat Tours

We offer you the best speed boat tours along the paradisiacal and unknown coast of coast of Huelva and the Portuguese Algarve.


Unspoilt and inaccessible environments

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For the whole family


Unique experience


State-of-the-art vessel

Boat Tours

Discover our marvellous enclave on board our speed boat. We offer you several options so that you can enjoy our natural setting to the full. 


Expert local employers


400 hp of fun

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Homologated vests


Photo Gift


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Every tour an experience

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It's very easy, you can book online, by phone or in person, however due to high demand we recommend that you book online in the days prior to your chosen day to ensure both the tour and your preferred time.

Yes, we recommend a minimum age of 6 and/or a minimum height of 100 cm.

Unfavourable weather conditions are not in our hands...but don't worry! In this case we will look for an that you don't miss out on the experience!

Yes, however JetSkiDream will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the camera, mobile phone or any other device not belonging to JetskiDream. At JetskiDream we want you to take home a good souvenir, so during the activity the skipper will take photographs that will later be provided in digital format to Tour participants free of charge. 

Of course we do! At check-in we will give it to you if you need it, in a waterproof bag to store your belongings.

We recommend comfortable clothing. We will provide you with a life jacket approved lifejacket. It is important to apply sunscreen half an hour before the start before departure and let's go sailing!